This project was originally called performances for alkantara. It was thought as an unique event and dedicated to alkantara where it was presented on its 2016th festival. The project was activated at par/ICI CCN Montpellier in December 2016 and we will keep on experimenting its relevance in different contexts.

One year ago we were caught by something so common and at the same time so extraordinary that we felt obliged to change some habits on the way we used to live, and therefore, on the way we used to engage in our work. Since then we have been re-questioning our methodologies and formats of presentation. During this process, the reasons that impelled us to start our collaboration (ten years ago) emerged again: the bare pleasure of the encounter with the other and with the audience, the sharing of how the materials are generated more than its confinement to the logics of a show, the performance as a system of liberties in action and the focus on the presence and the performative state, on the how and not so much on the what.

The three performances we are going to present at PAR ICI are a materialization of this process of re-questioning. Some of these performances are based on materials from other pieces, previously unused or re-contextualized; others appropriate exercises developed on our research processes. All the performances are improvised and rely on a state of research, disengaged from any need for coherence or unity.  Taking advantage of the immediate, unpredictable and ludic nature of the research, exposing its systems, logics, and detours and revealing our own judgments about what we’re doing. Each performance is supported by a desire to decompose or reduce our research to its basic elements: body, voice, objects, sound and text.

Performance # 1 objects 

"Me voici sur une nouvelle voie: je mets une pomme sur ma table. Puis je me mets dans cette pomme. Quelle tranquillité!" Henri Michaux

A performance with objects. Two different physical/mental states and the in-between possibilities: primal state connected to the absence of conventions and memory about the functionality of things; dispersive state connected to the juxtaposition of time and constant deviation of focus. Creating and getting out from our own logics of relation.

animism  Ÿ  obsession  Ÿ  systems

Performance # 2 writing

“Écrire, entendu comme un acte physique; une sculpture miniature, cet ensemble de mouvements, cette saisie de l’instrument qui attaque une surface, qui s’abat sur elle et la transforme. (…) Et tout est bon pour écrire; tout est bon pour recevoir l’écriture.” Gonçalo M. Tavares

Continuous writing with chalk on black boards. Repeating a word until it transforms into another. Connecting different types of content and revealing the way our mind works. The performativity of writing. The physical act of writing. Deviations from writing.

Trace   Ÿ Repetition  Ÿ Detour

Performance # 3 text, voice and studio research at Ici

“We have to recognize a very recent and strong attraction to the abyss”

A spoken word performance, articulating numerous texts generated during our processes but never used in our shows. The movement and the gesture as instigators of words. A spontaneous composition of small narratives, beginnings and ends, the naming of things, a bunch of absurdity and glimpses of intimacy. The movement and the gesture as digressers from words. Voice and singing as something that urges to pour out from the body.

Debris   Ÿ   simultaneity Ÿ  fragmentation   Ÿ   double

Concept and Performance | Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz
Artistic Collaboration | Filipe Pereira, Nuno Borda de Água, Catarina Dias
Sound | Sofia Dias
Coproduction | par/ICI CCN Montpellier, Alkantara
Acknowlegments | Artur